DC License Information

Information regarding the application for a DC training license will come from Georgetown’s GME Office, but this will hopefully answer some of your questions in the meantime.

This paperwork is time consuming and requires attention to detail. Please consider observing the following best-practices for completing the application:

  1. Make 2 copies of everything that you mail to the DC Board of Health – one for your records (always keep copies of all correspondence with the DC Board of Health in case something is misplaced by the Board) and one to submit to the GME Office.
  2. Make copies of all checks and/or credit card receipts that you have as a result of the DC MTL process (fingerprinting/background check, $100 application fee). You will then submit those receipts to the GME Office after you start work in June.
  3. For your reference, the background check process associated with the DC license application process is managed by a separate credentialing authority from the one that Georgetown’s corporate office will require you to go through for employment as a resident.
  4. The Character Reference Form can be completed by any attending physician that you have worked with. They do not have to be an internal medicine physician – this person could also be psychiatry or surgery attending. Any attending physician who can speak to your character and professional demeanor has signature authority for this form. Please have this person complete the form and then place it in a sealed envelope with their signature across the seal. You will then include the signed and sealed envelope with the rest of your application that you mail to the DC Board of Health.

Contact Caitlin Erchick, Residency Program Administrator.