Diversity and Inclusion

Mission Statement

Georgetown University Hospital’s founding principle is Cura Personalis: the care of the whole person regardless of creed, color, or beliefs.  We believe that promoting diversity and an inclusive space for all is imperative for the advancement of science and education, an equitable work environment, and ultimately the care of patients and their families.  We are committed to promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion within our residency program, work environment, and community we serve

DEI Efforts at Georgetown

Educational Series

Rewiring our brains: implicit bias and micro aggressions”- Dr. Beje Thomas

Equity Law and Covid-19” Joel Teitelbaum

The Silent Pandemic in Medicine: Bridging the Gap to Build Community with African American Patient through Cultural Awareness” – Dr. Alvin Reaves

Resident noon conference on implicit bias

DEI Efforts at MGUH

We are working with the School of Medicine and MedStar Health workgroup to continue finding ways to incorporate DEI into our curriculum.

For more information you can see:

School of Medicine: https://som.georgetown.edu/diversityandinclusion/

Resources for Residents

SPARK (Spaces and Places for Advocacy and Racial Justice Knowledge)

SPARK is a program run through the Georgetown SOM which is designed to hold a space for increased dialogue and connection.  The goal is to provide spaces to understand systemic racial inequalities and develop skills for allyship and the advancement racial equity through open spaces, dialogue and learn-ins.

For more information: https://som.georgetown.edu/spark/

Understanding and Interrupting Your Implicit Bias- By the Kirwan Institute


Implicit Association Test


Social Justice Team

The social justice team, is a resident led initiative within the internal medicine program, formed in response to the protests that occurred in June 2020. Our goal, along with our physician mentors, is to not only bring awareness to the impacts of implicit bias on patient care but also to spearhead the development of workflow tools that our house staff can use to dismantle our own biases.  We acknowledge that this sort of change will not happen overnight, but hope that through these efforts we can slowly bring about a cultural work change.