IV. Didactics

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Division of Nephrology and Hypertension takes pride in its didactic series that provide every fellow the information to assist in their training/education.

The didactics are complemented by:

  • Dahlgren Library Access ( can be accessed from home)
    • Provides access to a multitude of Nephrology references such as Brenner and Rector’s The Kidney / KDIGO Guidelines / Pathology Atlas / ECT
  • Access to PubMed
  • Access to UpToDate
  • Full reimbursement to attend the NKF conference (first years)
  • Full reimbursement to attend the ASN conference (second years)
  • A personal copy of the Handbook in Nephrology and Hypertension by Christopher Wilcox, M.D., Ph.D. and the Primer on Kidney Diseases (newest edition) by Arthur Greenberg, M.D.

Didactic Schedule

Schedule is subject to change
8:00-9:00 amJournal Club (1st & 3rd)
Renal Pathology Conference
Case Conference
Core Curriculum Lecture Series
12:00-1:00 pmDepartment of Medicine Grand Rounds
1:30-2:30 pmTransplant Nephrology Series
5:00-6:00 pmBoard Review Course
5:30-7:30 pmFed-Med Interhospital Clinicopathological Conferences

Transplant Nephrology Lecture Series

The clinical transplant nephrologists lead a didactic series focused on all aspects of renal transplantation.

The transplant lecture series is designed to give additional background and to provide a literature review on selected topics.  The structure of the series is designed to transition from more passive learning (primarily directed lectures on selected topics) early in the year to more active participation (in the form of case conferences) and ultimately to get the nephrology fellow to lead the teaching by the end of the year (through case conferences and their own presentations).  Lectures are attended by the transplant nephrology fellow, the surgical transplant fellows and the general nephrology fellows allowing each discipline to add their own experience and viewpoint to the discussion.

In addition to providing information on a variety of topics, the series is also designed to highlight the strengths and weaknesses in the transplant literature and provide examples of common features and problems found in the design of transplant studies.  It is hoped that the literature reviews enable better critical thinking by the fellow in reviewing research and in designing their own research protocols.

Transplant Lecture topics include:

  • ​Introduction and Overview of Transplantation
  • Transplant Immunology
  • Tissue Typing
  • Pathology- Banff Classification
  • Clinical Aspects of Rejection
  • Kidney Allocation Policy
  • Recipient Evaluation
  • Donor Evaluation
  • Calcineurin Inhibitors
  • mTORs and celecept
  • Antimetabolites
  • Steroids and Steroid Sparing Agents
  • Induction Agents
  • Pancreas Transplantation
  • Delayed Graft Function
  • Marginal Organs
  • Polyomavirus Associated Nephropathy
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Surgical Issues
  • Simultaneous Liver/Kidney Allocation
  • Allograft Failure

Journal Club

A clinical scientific research article is selected. New articles alternate with classic articles that have shaped modern Nephrology. There is a fellow presentation and attending-led critique to help fellows learn how to evaluate modern statistics and clinical methods. All attendings are present.

Fellows Clinical Lecture Series

This conference is given by clinical faculty at the Georgetown Division of Nephrology. It provides a two-year comprehensive review of the key clinical and scientific topics in Nephrology and Hypertension.

General nephrology lecture topics include:

  • The Glomerulus
  • Potassium/Magnesium Physiology
  • Introduction to Renal Function, Renal Circulation, Renal Transport, GFR
  • Genetic Tubular Disorders
  • Proximal Tubule, Loop, and Countercurrent Mechanism
  • Normal Blood Pressure, Renal Sodium Handling, Salt Sensitivity, Edema
  • Diuretic Action and Resistance
  • Hyponatremia and hypernatremia
  • Vascular Access
  • Renal Imaging/Contrast Nephropathy
  • CKD Management
  • Lupus Nephritis
  • Hypertension Trials
  • FSGS and Minimal Change
  • IgA Nephropathy
  • TMA in Renal Diseases/TTP/HUS/AHUS
  • Secondary Hypertension
  • ANCA Vasculitis and Anti-GBM
  • Membranous Nephropathy
  • Amyloidosis/Light and Heavy Chain Deposition
  • Dialysis In Depth
  • Nephrolithiasis – Nephrologist Prospective

Renal Pathology

This conference is coordinated by the Georgetown University Department of Pathology. Cases are selected from both adult nephrology and kidney transplant patients. Attendings and fellows from MedStar Georgetown and Washington Hospital Center attend this shared conference.

Clinical Case Conference

This conference is a fellow driven morning report style of conference focusing on interesting cases from the three inpatient consultation services alternating with selected patients from the outpatient clinics. All attendings are present and help to provide an environment for general discussion and learning.