VII. Recent Graduates

                                         2015 Nephrology Fellowship Graduation Dinner

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Nephrology fellowship graduates pose with Medstar Georgetown University Hospital and VA Medical Center faculty at the Faculty Club.


Recent graduates from the Georgetown Division of Nephrology and Hypertension Fellowship.

Rahmat, Usman, MD
Assistant Professor of Nephrology - Georgetown University
Rashidi, Amir, MD
Private Practice in INOVA Medical System in Fairfax, Virginia
Imam, Nabeel, MD
Private Practice - New Jersey
Mirkhel, Amadshah, MD
Private Practice - Virginia
Tabriziani, Hossein, MD
UCSF Transplant Nephrology Fellow
Khawaja, Zeeshan, MD
Lahey Clinic, Boston, MA - Assistant Professor of Medicine - Tufts
Rudolph, Earl H, (DO)
Basic Science Research
Shaw, Marsha R, MD
Private Practice in Rockville, MD
Dutta, Utpal K, MD
Private Practice in Frederick, MD
Uddin, Ijlal, MD
University of Florida Transplant Faculty
Fan, Zuoheng, MD
Private Practice in Athens, GA
Guo, Daqing, MD
Private Practice in Roanoke Rapids, NC
Pratt-Ubunama, Monique, MD
Private Practice in Jupiter, FL
Adil, Munza, MD
Practice in Suitland, MD
Nie, Jingjiang, MD
Private Practice in Clairton, PA
Wojciechowski, David, MD
UCSF - Assistant Professor of Nephrology and Transplantation
Chen, Xueguang, MD
Private Practice in Springfield, IL
Li, Ping, MD
VAMC Nephrology Attending
Zhou, Haobo, MD
Private Practice in Suitland, MD
Santha, Thibin D, MD
Private Practice in Solomons, MD
Boddeti, Anuradha, MD
Private Practice in Glen Burnie, MD
Nouri, Pouneh, MD
Assistant Professor of Nephrology at Georgetown University
Private Practice in Washington, DC
Modlinger, Paul, MD
Private Practice in Arlington/Fairfax, VA
Patel, Kinjal, MD
Private Practice in Arlington, VA
Pearlman, Adam, MD
Private Practice in Alexandria, VA

“The Georgetown University Hospital Nephrology and Hypertension Fellowship program has prepared me well for life as an attending. I believe the patient population and complexity of the cases are second to none. I had the privilege of learning from a great group of teachers on a wide array of topics. I feel prepared to make decisions as an attending and also have learned several tools to help me teach the house staff and students. It is a great program and I strongly recommend it to anyone!”
Usman Rahmat MD
Class of 2013

“I think that Georgetown Nephrology fellowship provided a great exposure to almost all of the common and even uncommon clinical nephrology diseases. I felt very confident taking care of my patients after I finished my fellowship.”
Hoss Tabriziani MD
Class of 2012

“My fellowship experience at Georgetown was very positive. It is an excellent clinical program which prepared me well to meet the clinical challenges that we see in Nephrology. It is a well rounded program which gave me adequate exposure to all aspects of Nephrology”
Zeeshan Khawaja
Class of 2011

“I think GUH nephrology fellowship program is an excellent program. I think I was quite well prepared after finishing my fellowship, in fact I did never feel any anxiety or stress on my initial days of working as a nephrology attending. I felt confident with adequate training and knowledge after finishing my fellowship.”
Utpal K Dutta MD
Class of 2010