Conferences: Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine

Fellowship Training Program

Read an overview of our MGUH Pulmonary Critical Care Educational Conferences and schedule.

  • Pulmonary Grand Rounds: On the first Wednesday evening of the month, the Division sponsors a city-wide conference where interesting cases from MedStar Georgetown, Walter Reed, Bethesda Naval, Howard University and the Practicing Physicians on our Clinical Faculty are presented on a rotating basis. Fellows are responsible for presenting cases and reviews of the pertinent literature at these conferences.
  • Pulmonary Pathology Conference: In this monthly conference, a pulmonary pathologist reviews biopsy, surgical and post-mortem specimens and pulmonary faculty leads the discussion on clinicoradiological pathological correlations.
  • Radiology Conference: The principles of chest radiology and the extensive teaching files of the Department of Radiology and Dr. Edward Tsou are the basis for this bi-monthly conference for pulmonary fellows.
  • Pulmonary Physiology/PFT/Excercise Conference: The goal of this conference is to review the physiology and pathophysiology of lung disease as well as interpretations of pulmonary function testing and excercise testing. 
  • Journal Club: A luncheon conference twice monthly where all major chest journals and articles of pulmonary interest in investigative and general medical-surgical journals are reviewed.
  • Research Conference: A monthly conference where new protocols are reviewed and critiqued and where investigators have the opportunity to present work in progress and prepare for presentations at national meetings.
  • Critical Care Lecture Series: Topics in critical care medicine are presented by faculty, fellows and outside speakers to cover both pulmonary and non-pulmonary critical care.
  • Pulmonary Lecture Series: Topics in pulmonary medicine are presented by faculty, fellows and outside speakers.
  • Multi-disciplinary Thoracic Oncology Conference: This is both a working clinical conference and a didactic one. Every Wednesday, new thoracic oncology cases are presented and discussed by a team of pulmonologists, oncologists, radiation oncologists and thoracic surgeons. Didactic lectures are presented by various team members and invited speakers.
  • Pulmonary-Infectious Diseases conference: This is also a working clinical conference and a didactic one. Interesting and/or challenging thoracic infectious diseases are presented and discussed by Pulmonary and ID faculty.
  • Pulmonary- Rheumatology conference: A similar working/didactic conference, this conference focuses on rheumatologic diseases with both pulmonary and critical care implications. Didactic lectures are also incorporated.
  • Case Conference: Diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas of interesting pulmonary and critical care cases are reviewed including CXRs, CTs and ultrasounds. 
  • Sleep Conference: This is a monthly multi-disciplinarylininary conference where the basics of sleep medicine are covered by faculty in sleep, neurology, ENT and dentistry.
  • Pulmonary and Critical Care Morbidity and Mortality: Monthly conference to present morbidities and mortalities and review teaching points.
  • Pulmonary/ Critical care textbook review: The goal is to review textbook chapters to prepare for the shelf and board exam.