Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine

A variety of clinical and basic research in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine is ongoing in the Division and in allied clinical and basic science departments in the Medical Center. The second year of the program is devoted almost entirely to research, with some additional time available in the third year for continuation of projects and completion of data analysis, abstract and paper preparation, and presentation of work at regional and national meetings. Some of the research opportunities for fellows in recent years include the following:

Basic Research

  • Lung immunology and the role of alveolar macrophages in lung defense mechanisms in granulomatous diseases. Dr. Henry Yeager's laboratory has characterized the function of alveolar macrophages in killing of mycobacterial infectious agents.

Clinical Research

  • Sarcoidosis - Epidemiology research: Funded by two NIH grants, Dr. Yeager and colleagues from the Department of Community and Family Medicine are studying the socioeconomic aspects of sarcoidosis and their impact on the progression of the disease.
  • Tuberculosis: Dr. Yeager is a recipient of an NIH Tuberculosis Academic Award to support education and research on TB in the District of Columbia and surrounding metropolitan area.
  • Outcome of Invasive Pulmonary Diagnostic Procedures: Outcome analysis of invasive diagnostic techniques such as bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, transthoracic lung biopsy etc. in immunocompromised patients is being performed by Dr. O'Donnell and colleagues.
  • Treatment of malignant pleural effusion: Outcome analysis and cost benefit analysis of treatment of malignant pleural effusion is under study by Dr. Read.
  • Drug studies: Serious community acquired pneumonia, anti-TNF antibody in sepsis syndrome, thrombolytic therapy of pulmonary embolism.
  • DVT prophylaxis in ICU-prospected double-blind study comparing LMWH vs SQ hyparin in DVT prophylaxis funded by ACCP and overseen by Dr. Kuru.
  • Ventilator weaning protocol success by Dr. Anderson.

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