Salaries and Benefits: Internal Medicine Residency Program

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital 2019-2020 Resident Salaries

The following is a list of stipends for MedStar Georgetown House Staff for the 2018-2019 academic year.

PGY-Level Annual Stipend
PGY-2 $61,000
PGY-3 $64,100
PGY-4 $67,000

Additional Employment and Benefits Information

Educational Stipend

Every resident receives a yearly educational stipend to be used for the purchase of books, board review materials, journals, or academic societies. The stipend increases yearly up to $1,000 per year for PGY-4s.

Please Note: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital constantly seeks to improve employee benefits; all benefits are subject to change. This information is intended as an overview of benefits for your convenience.

For additional information contact the Benefits Office at (703) 558-1300. The Benefits Office is located at 2000 15th Street North, Suite #403, Arlington, VA 22201.