Global Health Track

Purpose: To educate Georgetown residents in the complex components of global health, and how they apply to all patient populations.  Residents graduating the track will be well-equipped to be effective practitioners both at home and abroad, and understand how to effect sustainable change at the individual and global level.

Overview: This program will be open to a total of 6 categorical Internal Medicine residents, 1-2 Med-Peds residents, and Infectious Disease fellows annually.  Track residents will participate in a two-year longitudinal curriculum and spend up to a total of two months at resource limited sites either domestic or abroad.  Residents will also have local clinic experiences focused on neglected populations.

Application: Interested Internal Medicine and Med-Peds residents are invited to apply during their intern year (deadline January 1st).  Interviews will be held and acceptance granted in February.  Click here to apply.

Connect: Read about resident experiences from all around the world in our official Global Health Track blog.

The Global Health Track is directed by Dr. Kacie Saulters.  Dr. Saulters is originally from Alabama and attended medical school at the University of South Alabama.  She completed residency at the University of Virginia and graduated from their Global Health Leadership Track.  Fortunately her husband’s career brought them to DC and she is thrilled to work among great colleagues as a hospitalist at Georgetown.  She has done both clinical work and research in Tanzania, India, and Uganda, and her research interest is treatment of sepsis in resource limited settings.