Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)

An Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is an activity to help interns develop their goals for the year and the steps needed to reach those goals. Your advisor and program leadership do not expect you to achieve everything that is laid out in the ILP, but it will help them to advise you throughout the year.

Please plan to spend 20-30 minutes on this project, as it does require a little bit of self-reflection. Once completed, please email your ILP to Daniel Zimmet.


The examples given in the below template are just that: examples. Feel free to modify or completely remove any that are not applicable to your specific situation.

Remember: this isn’t a situation where we expect you to give the goals and learning plan you think that the program leadership wants to hear. This is an opportunity for you to truly assess your skills, wherever they may be, and where you want to end up in June 2017!

ILP Template


Contact Daniel Zimmet, Residency Program Administrator.