Notary Public Services

A lot of the paperwork over the next several months will require a notary public’s seal and signature.

For those of you local to Georgetown:

There is one notary available at Georgetown:

  • Joyce Richardson- Located in the Graduate Medical Education Office on the third floor of the CCC Building (3CCC). Joyce is generally available to notarize documents between 10am and 12pm, Monday through Friday.
For those of you not local to Georgetown:

Notary services are generally available at your local bank or credit union. Sometimes it is free (especially if you have an account with that particular institution) or just a couple of dollars per item to be notarized. Some law firms also offer notary services for non-clients; you may have to call a few to find one, but they are out there. Your city hall might also have a notary on staff who can help you out.


Contact Caitlin Erchick, Residency Program Administrator.