Meet Dr. Kareff

Dr. Samuel Kareff, Class of 2021

Home: South Florida
Medical School: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Why Georgetown IM?

I was so happy to interview at Georgetown for residency and instantly felt welcomed during pre-interview communication with the administrative team. The chief residents were helpful, fun, and welcoming during the interview day. The chiefs as well as floor residents were equally motivated and captivating. At the end of the interview day, my gut had already made up its mind!
If you could go back in time to 4th year of medical school, what would you tell yourself when searching for a residency program?

Don’t worry so much about quantitative features of programs. Make sure you feel as “at home” as possible at your highest ranked institutions!

What are your career goals and how has Georgetown helped you achieve them?

I am currently applying for fellowship in Hematology/Oncology and loved how integrated the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center was integrated into our program. I also have an interest in health policy and was able to make numerous connections living in DC. Finally, with the advent of our MACE track, I knew I would benefit from extra practice to mold my didactic skills.

In what ways have you seen Georgetown IM foster a team atmosphere?

Teamwork is embedded into our culture! From our recent adoption of Microsoft Teams to our reliance on interdisciplinary teams on the wards, I have never felt alone in our program. This was hugely important, especially during my transition to intern from medical student.

What’s your favorite Dr. Whelton moment?

Reading every single Daily Briefing email

Are you part of any of the special tracks or electives? Tell us about it.

As above, I’m one of the inaugural members of the MACE track as well as this year’s Chief Resident. The track continues growing in its second year, and it is so exciting to see the track participants (myself included) grow in our teaching and research skills. If medical education is even somewhat interesting to you, please feel free to contact me or the Chiefs to learn more about this excellent opportunity!

Tell us about any advice you’d give someone that wants to move to DC.

DC is well known as a diverse albeit transient city given its status as our nation’s capital. What is less known about the District is its cadre of cultural and ecological opportunities. From independent cinema circuits to local, regional, and national parks literally all around, you will never find yourself bored in DC!

What neighborhood did you decide to live in and why?

I moved relatively close to the hospital to cut down on my commute and currently live outside the DuPont Circle neighborhood.

Tell us which DC winning sports team you pull for.

This betrays my childhood allegiances, and I politely refuse to answer.

What are your hobbies outside of medicine?

Cooking, traveling (in non-COVID times), Film