Meet Dr. Winters

dr. harrison winters

Dr. Harrison Winters, Class of 2023

Home: Pennsylvania
Medical School: Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

Why Georgetown IM?

First and foremost – the people. I was blown away by the residents I met during my interview day, the other interviewees, Dr. Whelton, and the pre-interview social. This program had the friendliest/most outgoing atmosphere I encountered, and I knew it was a place I could thrive in. Georgetown was also unique because it was one of the few programs that allowed rotations at a variety of different sites – including Georgetown Univ Hospital, Washington Hospital Center, the VA, Virginia Hospital Center, and even Inova Fairfax or the NIH. By the end of residency, you will get exposure to every different patient population, EMR, and type of health system. This allows you to make important career decisions right off the bat in residency.
If you could go back in time to 4th year of medical school, what would you tell yourself when searching for a residency program?

Try to spend some time at the beginning of the process finding what is important to you in a residency program. Often times we are told to apply to as many places as possible — but then it becomes a huge dilemma when it is time to rank. Some things I found most helpful when ranking: What kind of co-residents do you want – business colleagues or friends? Do you want a program that is also socially active? What kind of program director to you want – one that is hands on, or one that teaches from afar? Where do you want to be located? Are any locations excluded? Are there certain services or electives offered at one program vs another that are essential to you? Taking a little time soul searching will save you in the end.

What are your career goals and how has Georgetown helped you achieve them?

I have always been interested in pursuing a career in Cardiology or Hematology/Oncology, but for right now I am trying to stay as opened minded as possible. Georgetown has given me the opportunity to explore these fields in depth within my first year – with rotations in the CCU or Heme/Onc medical floors, inpatient elective time, and specialty outpatient clinic experiences. I have also been involved in some research as an intern, and hope to continue to do so throughout my time in residency.

In what ways have you seen Georgetown IM foster a team atmosphere?

While on the wards, every senior resident I have had thus far takes the time to teach, answer questions, or help complete tasks if there winds up being a day with a number of sick patients or admissions to the team. Everyone is always willing to pitch in and you never feel alone. I have also never seen a program adapt so quickly to changing times.

What’s your favorite Dr. Whelton moment?

So far it has to be the phone call right after I matched! It was the best welcome to Georgetown and truly illustrated how hands on Dr. Whelton is during residency.

Tell us about any advice you’d give someone that wants to move to DC.

DC is an amazing city with tons of culture, great food and so much to do. You can find anyone or anything from any background or path of life. I had too much fun during my interview visiting the different museums and eating at a variety of DC’s foodie spots. During the era we live in now, I love that there is so much outdoor green space (including the national monuments). You can still enjoy the city while social distancing!

Tell us which DC winning sports team you pull for.

I am a Philly transplant… so I can’t pull for any other team but the Eagles!

What are your hobbies outside of medicine?

Travel, theater, and cooking