Basic Research

The Laboratories of Christopher Wilcox, MD, PhD & William Welch, PhD

This research is supported by three RO-1 and one PO-1 (Program Project Grant) from the NIH Research centered on:

  • Pathophysiology of renovascular hypertension.
  • Role of nitric oxide and oxidative stress in the regulation of blood pressure and kidney function.
  • Mechanisms of progressive loss of kidney funtion in models of chronic kidney disease.
  • Roles of isoprostanes, adenosine and vasoconstrictor prostaglandins in tubuloglomerular, CKD and hypertension.
  • Regulation of renal oxygenation.
  • Studies of the isolated perfused renal afferent arterioles, mesenteric resistance vessels and cerebral microarterioles
  • Renal myogenic and autoregulatory responses.
  • Novel diuretic drugs.
  • Novel antioxidant drugs.
  • Role of microarteriolar cellular senesence in hypertension, aging and vascular dementia

The Laboratories of Christopher Wilcox, MD, PhD & Dan Wang, MD, PhD

  • Human microvascular defects in aging and the menopause
  • Human microvascular function in people living with HIV or patients with hypertension
  • Microvascular defects in the placentas of women living with HIV

The Laboratories of Kathryn Sandberg, PhD

  • Interaction of sex hormones with the renin angiotensin system.
  • G protein-coupled receptors.
  • Post-transcriptional regulation.