Thoracic Oncology Clinic

The Thoracic Oncology Clinic at Georgetown University offers a multidisciplinary thoracic oncology approach to patients diagnosed with lung cancer.

Our lung cancer patients are evaluated by members of our thoracic oncology team in conjuncture with the Lombardi Cancer Center, an accredited Comprehensive Cancer Center. For patients with newly diagnosed cancer, a special clinic is available to meet with medical oncology, thoracic surgery, radiation medicine and pulmonology. This allows patients to get all of the opinions at once and create a plan for their cancer care. We also offer a CyberKnife Lung clinic for patients interested in being treated with the robotic radiosurgery for their thoracic tumor. In addition, patients may consider trial medication options administered by the thoracic medical oncologist. We offer a full array of thoracic surgical and radiation options for the patient. For patients who are undiagnosed or have incomplete staging, we also have interventional pulmonology procedures available.

Lung Cancer Screening with CT Scans

For high risk patients (age older than 55, smoked 30 years 1 pack per day or the equivalent) a dedicated CT lung cancer screening program is available. Abnormal CT scans will be reviewed by radiologist and pulmonologist and referrred for appropriate diagnostic testing and work up. Please call 202-342-2400 if you want to be evaluated for lung cancer screening CT scan.