Medical Students

Medical Student Core Curriculum

This curriculum was developed by the American Academy of Dermatology Interdisciplinary and Postgraduate Education Task Force and the Association of Professors of Dermatology (new window).

National Dermatology Interest Group Association (DIGA):
The Dermatology Interest Group Association (DIGA) is a national student-run, nonprofit organization providing volunteering, networking, and research opportunities to medical students interested in a career in dermatology.


Information for Visiting Medical Students

When space is available, U.S. and Canadian visiting students (we do not accept international students) may apply to spend a four week elective with our program. There is no remuneration for these electives and neither room nor board is provided. Please note that we accept ONLY students who plan to pursue a Dermatology Residency.

Block Calendar: Your dates of attendance must correspond with our Block Electives Calendar (see below). You must start at the beginning of the block(s) and finish at the end of the block(s). No exceptions are made to this calendar. Because the Dermatology Electives are 2- or 4- weeks in length please divide the block electives to determine which slot is suitable.

Students will be provided a clinic and didactic schedule at orientation. In addition, a textbook (Lookingbill and Marks, Principles of Dermatology) will be loaned for the duration of the rotation. Students are expected to complete and comprehend the text. At the conclusion of the rotation, students will take a two part examination consisting of a written and a visual component based on the text. The written portion is a 50-question multiple choice exam and the visual portion is composed of 25 kodachromes.

Contact us for more information.

Block Electives Calendar: Academic year 2011-2012

First quarter

Block 1A  July 5 – July 15
Block 1B  July 18 – July 29
Block 2A  August 1 – August 12
Block 2B  August 15 – August 26
Block 3A  August 29 – September 9
Block 3B  September 12 – September 23

Second quarter

Block 4A  September 26 – October 7
Block 4B  October 10 – October 21
Block 5A  October 24 – November 4
Block 5B  November 7 – November 18
Block 6A  November 21 – December 2
Block 6B  December 5 – December 16

Third quarter

Block 7A  January 3 – January 13
Block 7B  January 16 – January 27
Block 8A   January 30 – February 10
Block 8B  February 13 – February 24
Block 9A  February 27 – March 9
Block 9B  March 12 – March 23

Fourth quarter

Block 10A March 26 – April 6
Block 10B  April 9 – April 20
Block 11A  April 23 – May 4
Block 11B  May 7 – May 18
Block 12A  May 21 – June 1
Block 12B  June 4 – June 15